Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Is Cameroon a press free country?

April May 3 was commemorated as World Press Freedom Day across the globe. Press freedom sends different messages and perceptions across the world and in our specific Cameroonian context; the notion of press freedom is still very different to comprehend. 

Cameroon journalists are observing press freedom day against the backdrop of what they describe as a persistent crackdown on media outlets and journalists.

Last year, at least 20 media organizations and journalists were either suspended or barred from the profession.

Peter Essoka, vice president of Cameroon’s Communication Council, said they suspended the media outlets in line with the main objective of the council, which is to regulate the practice of journalism in Cameroon. He said the decisions were based on media offense complaints filed by Cameroonians.

“There is not a single case that we have taken a decision in which the people concerned are not summoned to the council. When a complaint comes to us, we summon the people on whom the complaint has been made to come and explain and probably defend themselves, so we have no discrimination whatsoever. Everybody who is concerned about any sanctions we have given has been summoned to the council for discussion,” he said.

According to Journalist Kini Nsom of the Post newspaper, the main problem in Cameroon is the proliferation of newspapers, which he said is in no way an indication of press freedom.

Cameroon has more than 500 newspapers and 100 radio and television stations. Journalists said most of the media outfits were created by the government to give the impression there is press freedom in the country led by President Paul Biya, the world’s sixth-longest serving leader.

Sunday, 26 April 2015


Cela s’est passé sur l’île Nendjé, au cap Estérias. L’opération, qui a permis la découverte des armes de guerre, a été menée conjointement par les éléments de la gendarmerie nationale, de la marine nationale et de la brigade nautique, dans un campement de pêcheurs dans le cadre d’une opération de surveillance des eaux territoriales. Le stock d’armes en provenance d’un pays voisin était composé, entre autres, des roquettes et lance-roquettes, de 10 pistolets avec 2 560 balles, de 20 kalachnikovs avec chargeurs garnis, de 10 obus de mortiers, de 2 mortiers, de dizaines d’obus explosifs, de dizaines de grenades à main et de centaines de munitions diverses pour armes militaires. On ignore pour l’instant les destinataires de cet arsenal militaire.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Stop XENOPHOBIA IN S/African...I am impressed at Nigerians intrinsic freedom fighting skills. MTN must be shut down in all African countries. According to spotlight Africa, Members of The Flagship, an affiliate of Edo Civil Society Organisations on Monday stormed MTN offices in Benin City, Edo state over the killings of Nigerians in South Africa.

Also, another group led by Adeyanju Deji protested at the High Commission of South Africa in Abuja and telecommunication giant, MTN head office in the FCT.

They carried placards with inscriptions to register their anger protest against the attacks.

Some of the inscriptions read: ‘Stop attacking and killing fellow Africans in South Africa; ‘You cannot be collecting our money, yet you continue to kill us'; ‘Nigerians: Boycott South African companies; ‘We have showed South Africa and South Africans love

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Please STOP this Xenophobia on your kind S/African...!!!

STOP!!! I dare you all to not tell me about viewers sensitivity. These images should be shared as it is; this is a reality happening to us, our bothers and most of all our kind. A big shame to the leaders of S/Africa and shame to that idiot of a leader who perpetuate and instigated all this....Where are the likes of Whitney Mandela and other freedom fighters on this ...shame to the authorities,shame to the whole black race and Shame to the continent at large.....this is a clear testimony of why others see us BLACKS as sub humans....The whole continent stood by S/African during their times of struggles and now this is what they are paying back to Africa and their own kind. Mandela must be twisting in his grave at this moment...I burst into tears watching these gruesome pictures and videos... ‪#‎empowersuccessinafrica‬

Saturday, 18 April 2015


In South Africa more than 2,000 foreigners have been displaced amid anti-immigrant violence. While S. Africans in the country seem focused on ousting other blacks, whites are training in boot camps to take over during a race war.

Refugee camps have been set up in Durbin to house the influx of immigrants who’ve lost their homes and belongings to xenophobic South Africans.

The attacks on immigrants have been ongoing since March, according to police spokesman Col. Jay Naicker. He also confirmed cases of looting, according to U.S. News and World Report. “A case of business robbery has been opened. No-one was injured and a 31-year-old suspect was arrested. He will appear in court soon,” Naicker said. Please viewer discrestion is adviced for the next image below.

Things I Learned In My Few Months Of Marriage

Dear readers, it's been a while since I last posted or upgraded my blog, I sincerely appologise for this. Nevertheless, you all will be happy with the emmense blessings of GOD in my life (letting the cat out of the bag right….!! :-) ***.

On the 14th of February 2015 I, Nadine M. Tonguem officially became Nadine M Tchoumtchoua. My Husband Serge Olivier Tchumtchoua is my rock and I love him dearly. With every second that goes by, his love for me is prove I am not married to a man but rather a HUSBAND. All these I say thank you to the Almighty God For this special gift this year.

It is now a little over two months since our civil wedding and over three months since our traditional wedding; with the ink barely dry on our marriage certificate, it's incredible to witness how much our lives have changed and we still have a lifetime of memories to make. However, here's what we've learned so far: 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Cameroon's first blogging forum and networking event

Blogging has entered a realm of its own in Cameroon, from fad to industry. Cameroonians are entering the blogosphere daily, thousands every day from home and abroad. I’ve been blogging for over 5years and had no clue I was doing it. It was called “online journaling” and some called it “web diaries” or “blithering idiots writing on the Internet”. I tried not to blither, but I just did what I knew and now am known for what I did and continue to do: blog. Today, the evolution of this culture in Cameroon has led to the creation of the very first blogging event forum: BBCL, which took place December 30th 2014 at Le Meridien Bonanjo, Douala city center, Cameroon.

BBCL stands for Bold and Beautiful Camer Ladies. Started by a group of Cameroonian domestic and diaspora bloggers who decided to bridge the gap between bloggers, entrepreneurs and businesses.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Cameroon now has a call center for abused women

Photo credits UN Women/I. Tapang
Cameroon now has a call center for abused women in our society: Just call 243 425 668.

According to UN Women West and Central Africa article (December 04, 2014), During the 16 Days Campaign to end violence against women in Cameroon, representative of the International Telecommunications Union (IUT) Mr. Jean Jacques Massima said: gender-based violence (GBV) can be effectively eliminated in Cameroon if ICT tools are adequately exploited for the benefit of women and girls. “The use of ICTs must respect professional and ethical standards,” Mr Massima told to hundreds of participants at a UN Women Cameroon forum styled “Gender Café 6” in Douala, Cameroon’s economic capital. The event that held under the theme “The Role of ICT in preventing GBV in Cameroon” was also graced by the official opening of a GBV Call Center for survivors in the Littoral region.

Across the globe, millions of people were dressed in orange in November entring December; to symbolise a world free from violence against women and girls. Revisiting the official statement of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, UN Women Representative and Country Director Mrs Rachelle Mian Djangone said women and girls experience violence in all countries and neighbourhoods but these crimes often remain unreported and hidden. “We must end the silence. That is why this year’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women is centred on a grassroots effort to raise awareness called Orange Your Neighbourhood,” according to Mr. Ban’s statement.

Photo credits UN Women/I. Tapang
In a bid to mitigate risks faced by women in Cameroon, UN Women Cameroon has established a toll-free Call Center in the Littoral, one of the country’s most vulnerable regions to gender-based violence. The UN entity has also rolled out several strategies to end violence against women including a Gender Café and the training of journalists.

Source: UN Women West and Central Africa

Saturday, 6 December 2014

This Saturday, Nigerian military intercepted a Russian plane loaded with large amount of arms

The Nigerian military has intercepted a Russian plane loaded with large amount of arms and ammunition, bound for neighbouring Chad, a security source has told PREMIUM TIMES

The plane was seized early Saturday at the Aminu Kano International Airport. The aircraft, which was headed for N’djamena, the capital of Chad, landed in Kano at about 2a.m. Nigerian time, the source said. All crew members of the aircraft have been detained by Nigerian forces pending further investigations.

I will like to end by saying good job to the Nigerian security force and system. For a long time now Boko Haram has been a threat to our national security through the Nigerian border. This is indeed sign that measures have been implemented and are executed as required. Many are wondering about the fundings of Boko haram? well lets not look further as this may just be the break though in cracking down the real criminals behind it all.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Thanks to Government intervention in Cameroon, babies are now born HIV-free

Cameroon News: Eventhough HIV remains a critical public health problem in Cameroon with about more than 570,409 people infected, mother to child transmission was still a big challenge in 2010, but has now reduced considerably as new studies reveal. Credit to the interventions of the government's commitment to eliminate new HIV infections among children and to keep their mothers alive by 2015. Through support from UNICEF and other partners the government developed an evidence-informed plan aimed at MTCT elimination. And to eliminate MTCT UNICEF partners with civil society organizations to supplement community mobilization activities and supports capacity building of counsellors and staff for stronger counselling services in every District Maternity Hospital.

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