Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Mozambique Completly Revokes Anti-Gay Law

Mixed reactions from Mozambicans over the scrapping of Anti-Gay Law in Mozambique. Mozambique has overturned an anti-gay law which has been on the law books since Portuguese colonial times.A new penal code, signed into law in December last, came into effect on Monday 29th June 2015, and effectively decriminalizes homosexuality, which has been a crime in Mozambique since 1886.
Last year, Mozambique revised a Penal Code that had been in effect, with some amendments, since it was a Portuguese colony. In the process, legislators removed a section that allowed “security measures” to be taken against people “who habitually engage in vices against nature.” Acceptable measures in response to those “vices against nature” included requiring a bond to assure good behavior, putting violators on probation, or confining them to a workhouse or agricultural colony for up to three years. Because of that section of the Penal Code, arguments occasionally erupted over whether Mozambique deserved to be included in lists of countries with anti-gay laws.

Mozambique: Victory For LGBT Community As Anti-Gay Law Removed

According to many, it is important to recognize human rights while others said homosexuality goes against African culture.
"The world is getting crazy. Africans are very weak in preserving their culture. They think that everything a white man does is marvelous," said Thomas Johannes, an official from the ruling Frelimo party in the northern Nampula province.
"Africans are not prepared for this type of society and life," said Jose Tembe, a journalists working for Radio Mozambique, adding that families rejecting their gay children could be "a catastrophe."
"All Mozambicans have freedom of expression, of forming a party or association, of doing anything he or she wants. So what is the problem of lifting the gay law?" asked Ana Maria Sambo, a high school teacher in the capital Maputo.
However, the Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique, as quoted in AllAfrica, states:

“Homosexuality is not, and never has been, illegal in Mozambique. The colonial Penal Code, as amended in 1954, contained a clause which thundered against ‘those who habitually engage in vices against nature,’ ” [because] Portuguese legislators had been too coy to mention gay sex explicitly, and so a meaningless clause entered the statute books, which no court could act upon.”

Mozambique’s LGBTI advocacy organization, Lambda, can celebrate the repeal of the country’s anti-gay law, but it has not yet won its battle for official government recognition, which it has been seeking since 2008. (Photo from Lambda’s website)
“The new Penal Code sweeps away a great deal of the musty colonial legacy, including the mention of ‘vices against nature.’ Now not even the most contorted of arguments could claim that acts of gay sex between consenting adults are somehow illegal.”

Last year, Lambda renewed its campaign for official recognition. As SOGI News reported:

“In a ploy to avoid registering the group, the Ministry of Justice, which is tasked with this responsibility, has been conspicuous by their silence by not responding to any of the organisation’s applications since 2008. Under the country’s laws, any group of ten or more Mozambican citizens, over the age of 18, can form an association, and legal registration should not take more than 45 days.”

AllAfrica reported:

“United Nations Human Rights Council [in 2011] … recommended that Mozambique should register ‘the organisations which work on questions of sexual orientation and gender identity.’ But still the Ministry remained mute.

“In February 2013, Lambda submitted a complaint to the ombudsman, Jose Abudo. He too did not bother to reply. In June 2013, Lambda submitted a protest to the petitions commission of the Mozambican parliament, the Assembly of the Republic.
“In September 2013, Justice Minister Benvinda Levi finally granted an audience to Lambda. But still Lambda did not receive the legal recognition it had requested.
“Also in September 2013, Lambda protested to the National Human Rights Commission. This was another body that did not reply – even when, in June [2014], Lambda submitted a ‘request for rapidity’ to the Commission.”
In November 2014, Lambda took out a full-page newspaper advertisement to put pressure on the government to act. The advertisement stated that Lambda exists “to promote the self-esteem, positive visibility, sexual health and the economic, social and political rights” of gay, bisexual and transsexual Mozambicans.

“Our primary interest”, Lambda added, “is to precipitate a change in society so that it becomes more favourable to the free expression of sexual orientation and gender identity”.

“The silence of the Mozambican state”, it said, “legitimizes discrimination and strengthens the stigma to which LGBT people are subject in the communities, workplaces, schools, etc. Above all, it perpetuates the idea that LGBT citizens are less important than all other Mozambicans, thus placing them in a situation of inferiority, disadvantage and inequality”.



Cameroon's entertainment as always finds itself on the privilege hand again this year. But the question is, are we all going take advantage and join in to fully support this amazing initiative?. Ratu International Festival for Fashion, Movie and Music will make its first debut in the city of Douala Cameroon; and make no mistake IT IS HERE TO STAY.

Its no doubt Cameroon is a diverse country with more than 200 ethnicity. This cultural diversity constantly translates itself in our music, movie and fashion. Therefore? it is to our own advantage to constantly claim our heritage not just within the national perimeter, but also at the international arena. Ratu International fashion, movie and music festival is here to help us do just.

Aiming at promoting, educate, and celebrate the many talents in Cameroon through art and culture, Ratu International Festival will also create a networking platform and give the younger generation the international exposure they require to make a sustainable living from.

Ratu International Festival is programmed to be a three days event starting  from the 29th  to the 31th of October 2015. During the very first press conference held at STARLAND hotel  Douala on the 2nd of July 2015, the venue remained in the shadow, however as rumored in many blogs and media web sites, Maison de parti Bonanjo seem to be the chosen site???... 

The presets during this festival according to the press conference will proceed in three main parts:
  • Training workshops and exhibitions;
  • Concerts and gala evenings to celebrate the young artistic potentials;
  • Competitions for promoting the young talents interested in fashion, film industry and music.

Rest assured the Ratu International Festival will be an event to reckon with in the history Cameroon's new entertainment era. To highlight the magnitude and scale of this event, important and exciting  revelations were made by members of the Ratu organizing committee during the press conference;
"We have received confirmation of Miss World, Miss Brazil and Miss Indonesia. They will take part in the first edition of Ratu international festival of fashion, film and music  "says Mr Gilbert Agbor, film producer and member of the organizing committee of Ratu International Fashion Festival .
Ratu Erma OLIERHOEK; the brain, heart and soul behind this initiative, reiterated during the press conference that this concept will provide a platform for young and talented Cameroonians to be able to put forward and demonstrate their innovations in the fields of fashion, film industry and music.
"this should help promote Cameroonian culture and the cultural diversity of this country which has similarities with Indonesian my country." " It is an opportunity for exchange of experience in these three core areas: fashion, film and music; Opportunities for our two countries and those from elsewhere to discover our cultural richeness,"
"The latter adds that a large delegation of businessmen, producers and fashion designers will make the trip to Cameroon. "It's also an opportunity for our talented young filmmakers to submit their work to these experts so as to win contracts that will further shine light on our cinema. In this country, movie theaters and a true film distribution network are of none existence; therefore these experts can share their experiences with us in order to build a sustainable strategy  in these areas, "added Mr Gilbert Agbor."
Insofar, the competition part of  this festival will oppose the best young filmmakers, designers,  and singers from Cameroon ONLY through a  transparent selection procedure. The jury members are qualified international and domestic professionals with over 50 years of experience in the industries of fashion and entertainment. The organizers announced the presence of the many renowned specialists and experts (including experts of  Trace TV, Iroko TV, Nollywood TV etc...) whom will be part of the jury. They will be coming from different  parts of the world to Cameroon; to ensure that expertise and credibility is applied to the contest.

According to the promoter of this event Ratu Erma, over 200 million FCFA budget is mobilized for the organization of this festival. Therefore she pleaded during her speech at the press conference saying:
"Designers have an obligation to be very creative in order to move the jury so as to win the exclusive prize. Three prizes that will enable the sustainability of the selected talent in the relevant  industry are at stake and all security measures are taken to ensure transparency, credibility, and intergrity through out the whole festival, "says Erma Olierhoek


Participants of all categories can submit their applications to the festival team FREE OF CHARGE through the following:
  •  Website:
  • Email:
  • Facebook:
Ten (10) talents in each category ( fashion designers, film and movie) will be selected to take part in the competition of which one in each segment is expected to win the general competition.

Bonne chance to all that will be participating`...! 

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Meeet Honorine NGOUNTCHOUP; the talented painter who uses her gift to change the look of her community


Traced back to 16th century in Italy when itinerant artists would use their chalks to transform pavement into a makeshift canvas, street painting has retained its appeal through the centuries all around the globe. In Cameroon, this culture of fine works of street art has emerge amoung a group of passionate young painters who call themselves 'Hope Painters'; initiated and headed by Honorine NGOUNTCHOUP. My recent meeting with Honorine left me with a cut-throat impression of the deep sense of patriotism young Cameroonians have, especially in seing their infrastucture change for the better. Meet Horine and her parcours in using her talent as a painter to change the look of her local community.

Honorine NGOUNTCHOUP Was born February 3, 1985 at Ndoungué. She holds a BTS in industrial computing and she also trained as a 'customs declarant'. Honorine prefers to live her two passions which are: communication and painting. Honorine is a columnist in the TV show called "C'COMMENT? On est la !!! "On Canal2International, former model for CICAM loincloth fabric manufacturing company; She has also participated in nine exhibitions including one in Belgium and one devoted to Cameroon's Fiftieth Anniversaries of Independence and Reunification.

As mentioned early on above, Honorine NGOUNTCHOUP is the Initiator and head of the group of artist called, "Hope Painters" whoes mission aims at giving back, encourage and fuster hope for a better tomorrow,  as well as advocate work and perseverance among their local community. This motivation resulted in tgeir very first project; the painting of the tunnel junction Ndokoti Douala in April, 2015. 

The main motivation in the initiation and realization of the Project 'Painting of TUNNEL Ndokoti' was to make the place beautiful and alive during the housing of people in times of traffic jams or rain, the second was to achieve every year, a project that will benefit the population of Cameroon! After the tunnel, Hope Painters envisage painting the entire city of Douala intersections: tunnel of Bonanjo, those of the airport, and major walls of Yaoundé city Cameroon; which will host future championships. As future plans, they also intend to rally and join other artists from other parts of Africa to amplify the progress of such future projects in the continent .! 

The members Hope Painters are as follows: Honorine Ngountchoup, Duclo Tchaya James Koki Ndombo, Raoul Wansi, Madiba Elombo, Achile Valere Elouti Mikhail Nkenfack, Tchangou Gerome, Jean Mouaffo, Christian Beas (communicator) Martial Tchatchoua (communicator) and volunteers who have joined the group: Simon Moussi and Léonel Franck Fankam.

According to Honorine NGOUNTCHOUP “I do believe that the state of being lost in one’s creation is one of my favorite places to be. A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dream of. she continues: “and I will do whatever it takes to rise above all circumstances and achieve success in this project so long as I stay dedicated to and passionate about what I do.”

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Cameroonian Alain Nteff recieved The Queen’s Young Leader Award 2015 

Meet Alain, alarmed by the high new born and pregnant women death rate in his community , he developed a mobile app to help alleviate this problem.

The Cameroonian entrepreneur is the co-founder of Gifted Mom, a mobile health platform that uses low-cost technology to help mothers and pregnant women access medical advice in out-of-the-way, rural communities.

Last September, Nteff was named the grand prize winner of the $25,000 Anzisha Prize, a pan-African award celebrating entrepreneurs aged 15-22 who've come up with innovative ways to solve problems in their communities, or have launched successful businesses in their areas.

His invention landed him an invitation to the World Economic Forum in Davos last year, where he was one of this year's Global Shapers, a group of 20 to 30-year-olds who are tipped for future leadership roles. He was also the youngest participant.

This year, Alain recieved The Queen’s Young Leader Award for his invention.  The Queen’s Young Leader Award recognises and celebrates exceptional people aged 18-29 from across the Commonwealth, who are taking the lead in their communities and using their skills to transform lives. Winners of this prestigious Award like Alain received a unique package of training, mentoring and networking, including a one-week residential programme in the UK during which they will collect their Award from Her Majesty The Queen. With this support, Award winners are expected to continue and develop the amazing work they are already doing in their communities

The seed for the Gifted Mom idea was planted in 2012 when Nteff, then a 20-year-old engineering student, visited a hospital in rural Cameroon where his friend Conrad Tankou was doing his medical practice. There he witnessed several mothers and newborns die from conditions that could have been predicted and managed with proper antenatal care. Nteff was deeply affected by what he saw, and together with Tankou started thinking of ways in which they could use their skills to tackle the issue of maternal and infant mortality.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Do you know you can win big while voting for Stanley Enow????!!! hurry up!!

The #MamaIsComingHome video campaign is now launched! Here is what to do to be a part of it: 

1) Do a video of no more than 2 mins.
2) Say why you voted Stanley Enow FT Sarkodie for Best Collabo at MTV Africa Music Awards 2015.
3) Tell others to go vote and give them the link:
4) Don't forget to say the hashtag - MAMA IS COMING HOME at the end of your video.
5) Upload the video on any of these social media platforms (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) with the hashtag #MamaIsComingHome

3 winners will be selected at the end of the voting period based on their video views. 

Trois (03) gagnants seront sélectionnés en fonction des vues de leurs vidéos. Bonne chance!


La campagne ‪#‎MamaIsComingHome‬ est lancée! Voici les conditions à remplir pour y participer : 

1) Postez une VIDEO de deux minutes au plus. 
2) Dites pourquoi vous avez voté Stanley Enow FT Sarkodie comme Meilleure Collabo aux MTV Africa Music Awards 2015.
3) Invitez vos proches à voter en précisant le lien :
4) Pensez à mentionner le hashtag - MAMA IS COMING HOME à la fin de votre vidéo. 
5) Téléchargez la vidéo sur un de ces réseaux sociaux (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) avec le hashtag #MamaIsComingHome.



Saturday, 20 June 2015

Keep your votes coming for the Cameroon king of pop Stanley Enow

A message from his manager: Good day dear all. Motherland Empire & STANLEY ENOW wish you HAPPY WEEKEND

We are pleased to update you about Cameroon's Urban Music Sensation,  STANLEY ENOW's,  renomination @ the prestigious MAMA MTV AWARD 2015. 

Thanks to your patriotic and unconditional support The Bayangui Boy is the first Cameroonian to be nominated and to have won an MTV AWARD (BEST NEW ACT 2014) making it double historic. One more time we are going to make history together. 

To vote please subscribe on MTV Base's website below:


You can vote once every hour. You can vote as many 20 times per day. You may invite others to vote as well.

The Award Ceremoney will take place in Johannesburg South Africa in July 2015. 

More Blessings on Blessings to you my brethren. ������


Friday, 19 June 2015

FACT: Cameroon is amoung the most competitive countries in Africa


Despite all odds, Cameroon still rises and wins the 18th place among the most competitive countries in Africa; out of a list of 38 African countries. This was featured in the fifth edition of the Report on the Competitiveness of Africa. The study conducted which led to this astonishing result was published on 04 June 2015, and launched in Cape Town, South Africa, during the holding of the World Economic Forum for Africa between the 2nd to the 5th June.

The ranking results presented in this year's Report on the Competitiveness of Africa between 2014-2015, under the theme " transforming African economies" , was based on data from the Forum's Global Competitiveness Index (MHI) of the Forum, mostly known as the " Global Competitiveness Index " ( GCI). This index considered the performance of 144 countries globally this year , of which Cameroon regresses in the rankings globally; 116th in 2015, he lost one place compared to the ICM 2013 to 2014 where he held the 115th place and four places compared to CIM 2012-2013 where he was 112th of 144 countries. According to this report, Cameroon' economy comprises of the followings: services (49.3% ), industry (31% ) and agriculture (19.7%).

"The African minority" as I will normally call it; is ahead of countries like Nigeria (27th in Africa and 127th in CIM ), Egypt (20th in Africa and 119th in the ICM ) not to forget Angola ( 35th in Africa and 140th in ICM) . Mauritius (1st in Africa and 39th globally ) acts as the best student of the continent. This state located in the Indian Ocean gained six places compared to the previous edition , where he was 45th . The firm ranked in Guinea lying 38th of 38 countries in Africa and 144th / 144 countries worldwide , behind Chad ( 143rd in Africa and 37th globally ) . In Central Africa, the CEMAC region, Gabon gains the highest ranking (12th in Africa and 106th in the world ranking).
I am sure after reading the first paragraph above, you will be wondering how did Cameroon manage to find itself at a higher ranking...? well here are the facts. In the Competitiveness Report 2014-2015 of Africa, the report commended Cameroon for their latest reforms in the public institutions field. The number of procedures to start a business in Cameroon is the key indicator  of its highest ranking ( 32nd out of 144 countries globally). Among the most worrying factors raised in Cameroon where: corruption, access to finance, inadequacy of existing infrastructure, tax regulations, tax rates, cumbersome public administration.

This report is published jointly every two years by the African Development Bank, the World Bank, the World Economic Forum and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
(OECD). There read from me again on this matter in two years time.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Is success a final destination???

“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Most people think success is a destination you can reach. “If only I was as successful as she is.” What you don’t know is, that person you look up to is thinking the same thing. We think “making it” is a tangible status you can achieve but it isn’t?? up to you to decide.

Instead of thinking of success as a destination, think of it as a mindset. Success as a mindset means always trying your best. It means moving forward despite the obstacles. It means learning from your mistakes. It means you are always growing. Have a great ending of the week. Stay empowered always. Much Love Nadine M. Tonguem

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Mercedes-Benz Africa Fashion Festival 2015

Ghana's Mercedes-Benz Africa Fashion Festival 2015 was the place to be for many of the world’s most innovative fashion brands. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival is one of the one of the most celebrated fashion events in the world and this year, Ghana got the opportunity to host it within just four days under a meticulous set up with unprecedented media coverage. 

Under the theme “Celebrating Women, Eradicating Breast Cancer’, the festival will took off on May 28th and ended May 31th.  this event was broadcasted on various fashion channels across the African continent and beyond so that the leading and upcoming african fashion designers could benefit from the exposure and opportunity.

So how did Ghana got the change to host this event? All thanks to the Ghanaian company: Global Ovations Group headed by CEO  Gideon Raji,  who got the franchise to stage the Africa version of the event in Ghana this year. As predicted by Mr Gideon in his last announcement few days before the start of the festival, this event indeed brought some of the names that matter in fashion world to Ghana. 

Anrette Ngafor, A young and passionate Cameroonian designer with her well know brand Liber London made an astonishing desmonstration during her showcasing. Adhering to the theme of the event, she had her models carry posters with stricking phrases of not just inspiring messages of hope like (DONT just do it. DO IT RIGHT), but also messages reminding the continent of some of the challenges we face and what! we should all be fighting for!: PEACE not WAR.

Under the impression of ‘global community’, fashion designers from across the globe converged in Accra to celebrate fashion on a global platform. This 2015 edition was crown “The World Edition’’. Visitors had the opportunity to have a close look at the most exclusive collections, catwalk shows, and received style advice from the best fashion insiders and brands in the business. There were also talks and demonstrations, along with a selection of exclusive pop-up shops from over 50 of the world’s best-loved labels.

The organisers of Mercedes-Benz Africa Fashion Festival seeked to make the African fashion festival brand a leading global trade event and milestone for the international fashion community. Recognising the immense talent rising from all corners of Africa, it is their mission to strive to provide new opportunities for them at the global fashion industry. So, have they succeeded in making African fashion festival a leading brand through the franchising of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival ? time will tell, but with the world wide media coverage and subscription of the world's biggest names and brand to this years edition, it is well on the path of being a leading brand.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Daphne: Cameroon's most adorable new artist reveales her trueself in a recent interview with us.

During my recent interview with Daphne; Cameroon's most adorable new artist, she revealed her true self including the challenges of being a student and at the same time pursuing a hectic pop career. Not to forget the motivation-behing all her tracks and entire album.

According to this beauty, Bloggers and social media have been the backbone in promoting her and album. in her words "the blogger put it in your face all the time, it's through them that I skyrocketed"

On the 6th of May 2015, Daphne made a new comeback shortly after the release of her last album Reflection in 2014. This week she is the top pop act in Cameroon, rising 4-3 on the chat. This is fuelled by the start of her new single, "Gun Shut."

As a songwriter, Daphne is known for narrative songs about her personal experiences. She calls her self a teacher. Daphne's defining quality as a songwriter is a determination to register and hang onto fleeting feelings and impressions, a pre-emptive nostalgia for a present (and sometimes even a future) that she knows will some day be in the past.  she frequently includes "a tossed-off phrase to suggest large and serious things that won't fit in the song, things that enhance or subvert the surface narrative. Very few songwriters can build better bridges than she does. I will describe her personally as "a songwriting savant with an intuitive gift for verse-chorus-bridge architecture." She is a true inspiration.

Thank you for commenting and hope you enjoy future posts
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